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Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses in today’s society. Our team of psychologists have created for you a series of articles related to anxiety that will help you clear all the doubts you have about anxiety, its causes, its symptoms, treatments and advice.

4 Ways anxiety finds to come visit you

"I am afraid that my partner will leave me. When that fear comes to me I can' t think clearly, I talk nonsense, I do wha [...]

Finding a balance between work and life

We often find ourselves clinging to expectations in this busy world, without the ability to find balance. Whether create [...]

Stress: a natural response

Stress can be defined as a natural response caused by an external or internal stimulus. Stress is simply the body's natu [...]

Tensions in social coexistence: how to deal with them?

The debate between cooperation and individualism, between the primacy of the interest of the group over the individual's [...]

How to avoid burnout at work

It was in the mid-70s when psychiatrist Herbert Freuden Berger first coined the phrase “burned out”. He made referen [...]

Mindfulness: how to reduce anxiety

When we feel anxiety, most of the time we don't know why we are restless, agitated, or nervous. In order to decrease the [...]

Do I want to go back to the office? Keys for the bosses

In the event that the health crisis caused by COVID-19 has not taken your job away from you, it is likely that you are a [...]

Stress from overworking

Stress related to work may be caused by different factors. One of them is the perception we have about how we use our ti [...]

Risks of toxic information

I do not have the empirical certainty but I think it is obvious that, in very general terms, the increased use of electr [...]

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