Online therapy to overcome grief

What is grief?

Grief is the psychological process that follows the loss of something or someone important.

It’s a complex process with several phases, and every person experiences it in his or her own way

How do I know if I am grieving?

If you have suffered an important loss or are going through a crisis that has set in motion strong mental, emotional, physical or behavioural responses.

We are not always aware of these emotions and sometimes it is difficult to understand why they appeared. In these moments it is important we seek the help of a specialized psychologist that can guide and accompany you through the process.

What are the stages of a grieving process or loss of a loved one?

Each psychological approach has a different model for the stages of a grieving process. Every process is unique, but usually the stages are a mix of integrating the reality of the loss that was experienced, with practical phases in which the focus are the immediate responsibilities of the present and future.

What are the types of grief or loss?

Many events or experiences can cause a person to go through a grieving process: the loss of a loved one, being diagnosed with a serious illness, losing one’s job, breaking up with one’s partner or going to jail are just some examples.

How can online therapy help me overcome my grief?

Many people experiencing grief do not fully understand how the process of working through it works.

Some people do not have a solid support network to help them through their grief and in consequence might feel that it is affecting their relationships and extending over time. Grief can be an opportunity to look within and explore the deep meaning of that which you have lost. Sometimes, it is only this way that you are able to properly integrate the experience and look forward with hope.

You may need professional help to overcome grief if:

You can’t cope with the loss of a loved one
You can’t say positive things while talking about that person.
You haven’t been able to regain the reins of your life since the passing of your loved one.
You feel like the only thing in your life is pain and hopelessness.
You neglect or feel you are overlooking your responsibilities, like taking care of your children.
You’ve been using drugs or consuming alcohol a lot more than before.

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