Online therapy and family problems

What are the most common family problems?

All families go through difficult situations, but some go through problems that cause real discomfort to the members.

Some of the most common problems for which families seek help are: recurrent arguments, divorces/separations, violence amongst family members, or relationship problems. It is worth addressing these situations with the help of a professional when one or more members of the family nucleus are significantly affected by the situation.

How do I know if I have family problems?

If you argue frequently with your family, don’t feel comfortable in it and many times think that the solution to everything would be to separate yourself from your family.

Perhaps you are experiencing a very stressful situation that makes you feel disoriented and you don’t know very well how to handle it (for example: after the death of a loved one, the revelation of an important family secret, or a family member with serious health problems…). It’s important to be aware when the situation is starting to affect you more than usual.

How do I know that what is happening is a family problem and not a personal one?

This is a very common question, given that our family influences almost everything we do. If two members of your family are directly involved in what is causing you difficulty right now, then it is advisable to go to therapy. This way both of you will be able to present your point of view in a neutral and safe space.

Can a family problem be treated individually?

There is a widely accepted and proven branch within psychology for treatment of family issues, called systemic therapy. This approach postulates that families are often immersed in vicious circles from which it is difficult to escape. However, disrupting any of the elements that maintain these vicious circle can make it easier to break them. This means a family problem can be worked out even if just one of the members goes to therapy.

How can online therapy help me work through my family problems?

At ifeel, we have a large number of professionals, many of them specialised in family dynamics and with extensive experience in this field. In addition, being able to contact your therapist every day through our chat makes the therapy much more fluid and responsive to your situation. You can also schedule videocalls so that other members of the family are present.

You may need professional help to work through your family problems if:

You have a hard time adapting to changes in the family (new partner, separation, birth/death of a member).
Discussion are common in your family
Certain members of your family do not get along
Your family is varied (LGTBIQ, adoption/hosted, single parent…)
You are going through a very stressful situation (grief, addiction, serious illness…)

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