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Relationship problems

Therapy can help you work through the rough times of any relationship and, from there, analyze all the variables that may have caused them. It is not about blaming each other, trying to change the other or inflicting more harm, but about looking for a solution that is good for both. It is not about blaming each other, trying to change the other or doing more harm, but rather about looking for a solution that is best for the couple as a whole.

All couples can go through difficult times throughout their relationship. Occasionally, conflicts are left unsolved and can accumulate and create great disagreements. As time goes by, this can cause distance between the couple, isolation or even the end of the relationship.

At ifeel, we offer you a safe space where you can consult all your doubts and openly express yourself immediately, comfortably and privately. If you decide to start therapy, your therapist will provide you with the tools that he or she considers appropriate for your case and goals. Step-by-step you will be able to move forward in the process of redirecting your relationship towards a healthier point.

How can online therapy help me solve my relationship problems?

Therapy provides a space for reflection that the couple can be open and work through the difficulties together with the help of a professional who will accompany throughout the process. It’s all about exploring the causes of the difficulties and learning to face them together in a healthy and constructive way.

What type of problems can online relationship therapy solve?

Conflicts in every couple is normal, especially if you’re living together. Sometimes these conflicts can go on over time and cause the relationship to suffer. The most common queries related to couples therapy are:

Communication issues. Knowing how to express feelings, opinions, and criticism in an appropriate and constructive way is important for the healthy development of any relationship.
Breakups. The end of a relationship can be a source of crisis and grief. It’s advisable to be accompanied by a professional if your are going through the stages of loneliness, anger, guilt, anxiety or sadness.
Difficulties in finding a partner. Although it might seem paradoxical, finding a partner can be a source of suffering.
Lack of trust and jealousy. This can be a very big problem for some couples. It’s necessary to explore the origin of this feeling and address it in order to solve the problem and prevent it from going further.
Emotional dependency. This happen when a person is unable to fulfill their emotional needs outside of the relationship. This type of problem generates a lot of suffering and false expectations about the relationship.
Parenting. The decision to have children and educate them forces the couple to face situations that a source of conflict, proper management is important.
Sexuality. As time goes by, the libido of the couple might decrease, which can disrupt the natural flow and growth of the relationship.

How to know if my relationship is going through a crisis?

It’s normal for every couple to go through difficult times when doubts about where the relationship is going can be a source of pain. Getting in touch with the right professional to explore what is happening can be a great help to face these difficult times in a constructive and functional way.

You may need professional help to solve your relationship problems if:

Communication with your partner is increasingly scarce
You and your partner get angry often
You have been unfaithful to your partner
Your partner has been unfaithful to you
Your family or your partner’s family are being a problem to the relationship
You and your partner are unable to speak without arguing

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