When we feel anxiety, most of the time we don’t know why we are restless, agitated, or nervous. In order to decrease these feelings, you can practice deap breathing techniques, which are very useful for relaxing the body. We recommend using our therapies to treat anxiety.

Another highly effective method to regulate your body is by mediating. Through meditation, we train our mind and body to do one thing at a time, focus our senses on what we are doing, and on the most important thing we need to do in that moment.

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Anxiety is often associated with discomfort. When we feel discomfort, we typically try to do everything to eliminate the sensation. This is a natural impulse, as psychological discomfort is part of our lives. However, basic meditation can be useful to decrease anxiety in healthy way.

Mindfulness: how to reduce anxiety

Stop for a moment, or you won’t be able to acknowledge your feelings, thoughts and emotions. You can only change something if you are aware of it.

Connect with your breathing. If you are feeling anxious through physical sensations, you can use your body as a tool to calm yourself. Pay close attention to your breathing and keep doing it even if you get distracted every now and then. That will help you decrease the level of anxiety.

Tolerate discomfort. Don’t try to eliminate all the unpleasant thoughts and sensations.

Analyze the seriousness of the situation. Think of the clouds moving through the sky on a windy day. Remember that the things that can afflict us everyday sooner or later they will end up disappearing.

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