7 ways of approaching your summer in the city

The new normal may have brought you a new summer or the same summer as usual. We’ll leave that to your own judgment. The fact is that, either because of lack of liquidity, for fear of organizing a trip that later has to be cancelled or because, simply, this year (again) a great plan has not emerged, you have to stay where you are and do nothing in particular.

There’ s people who don’ t care about this and are handling it very well. Other people, however, tend to feel miserable because they compare themselves to others ( others who are better off, or who look better), lament their fate or have not yet found a way to organise a holiday with a minimum of glamour.

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If that’ s your case, well, what can one say? Basically, that you should put up with it, because there is not much to do: the new normality of each person does what it does. However, while you put up with it, with all the dignity that you are capable of, because you are a mature, equable and wonderful person, we are going to give you 7 suggestions that you have been putting aside while regretting your luck and comparing yourself ( alone ) with people who have better plans than yours.

1. Whatever happens, don’t look at your social media

If you spend your time basically diving in your social networks the probability that you’ll end up buried under an avalanche of photos and comments on mind-blowing plans in which you’re not participating is so high that it should be considered risky behavior. If you’re not okay with yourself, it’s better not to go around: you’ll always lose out. Seriously, you’re going to lose out because, whatever you do this holiday, your plan is going to look like trash compared to what you’re going to see over and over again in your networks. For you, for your health, Internet vacation NOW.

The journey is also inward and your body and mind can be first class tickets

2. Put into perspective

It’s not the first year you’ve stayed in the big city without a plan in sight and we all know that most summers you haven’t had a trip either, so it’s okay to have one more. Just look at what you have rather than what you don’t and think that, even if you don’t know it, there are people who are having infinitely worse summers than you. It’s a matter of weighing up the importance of things.

3. Right here, right now

Don’t get burned trying to make an asphalt pavement as gratifying as a beach: that’s not going to happen. Also, try not to fantasize that miraculously the last week of August someone (we don’t know yet who) will come up with the perfect plan. Just try to be okay now, as far as you can. This doesn’t have to be the vacation of a lifetime, just a break from work and a handful of pleasant experiences. If you manage to do that, congratulations: you’ve been on vacation.

4. Great, beautiful, cheap

Glamour is wonderful and, at times, it is also wonderfully inaccessible. Fortunately, there are also many pleasurable things that are free, cheap or affordable. We know that in your Instagram feed everyone is giving it their all (what is it this year, Mikonos, Cabo de Gata or Malta?) and that since you have ignored the suggestion we gave you earlier, you feel miserable but you can’t stop looking at what others are doing and you are missing out.

However, remember that there are enormous joys hidden in destinations that are close to your home. A small, inland town that is packed with monuments and where you don’t have to fly to. The house of your friend who loves you and has been left without summer and who (we know you love him) has a swimming pool. Take a quiet walk until you find the best ice cream shop you know about (if you are not traveling you deserve the big tub, it could be well worth your dinner). A book (if possible nice and fun, please), a fresh snack on a rooftop (something good has to come from the fact that Madrid has become a fool of pure neomodern pseudo-snobs, right?), a deserted museum with air conditioning to full power … It’s how to look at it.

5. Compensate yourself

You’re not going to spend your money on a trip? Well, out of guilt, spend it on drinks and eating tasty things around town, on getting a dream massage or on buying that medium format artwork you were saving for. The trip is also inward and your body, your mood, your mind, are first-class tickets.

6. Encourage the power of the group

Talk to your friends, pick up a protocol of shared summer survival, say yes to the plans that didn’t appeal to you in the old normality but that in the new normality are a lottery with compensation. Mobilize your network of contacts, don’t think that everyone has fled to distant unreachable destinations, surely you have nice people left in the agenda with whom, now that you have all the time in the world, you can spend a great afternoon doing nothing, which is one of the best things you can do in life.

7. Now or never

Take the opportunity to watch TV, tidy up your house (we all know that what you tidied up during the confinement is back in the bag since the de-climbing started) and above all, sleep. You will miss it when you go back to work. Ah, don’t forget to take advantage of this to do nothing and waste your time in the most obscene way you can. Even if you’ve been reminded to death, you don’t have to do anything useful during your vacation. Try giving yourself over to the “sweet do nothing” that tastes like rest, a beer in the sun, a walk, a magazine and a treat.

Discover how online therapy can help you improve your emotional well-being

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